Fructose water makes you eat more and more

fructose water
Fructose water 
        In all types of sugar water, the taste of the fruit often boils over, making the delicious syrup more colourful and beneficial to health. It is not difficult to find that many fruits and vegetables have high nutritional value and are combined with other herbs such as apricots, chuanbi, zuelu and figs, which have more nutritional effects.

          First : Warm mango coconut milk black glutinous rice : hot food can keep blood and warm stomach with black glutinous rice to eat, especially with warm stomach, benefits qi and blood, rich sweet and delicious sandwich rich coconut , Smoke toughness, taste excellent. 
            Since mango meat is more moist while cooking this sugar syrup, you can first use mango nucleus to dry the water. After taking glutinous rice, add black glutinous rice. After mashing, add mango meat and finally add coconut juice. It is more healthy and beneficial. .

      Second : Green apple stew aloe vera : aloe vera known as the efficacy of beauty, green apple stew, sweet and moist, but also stomach fluids, beauty and health, clear liver heat effect, cup free of Known as Kami, Run Heart and Run Lame. Because aloe vera juice is slightly bitter, the friend who is afraid of sorrow will add less (2-3 grams).

        Third :  the figs of the north and south apricots uproot the apple : the taste of the fig is sweet and sweet, as well as the sweetness of the apple, sweet and natural and tender. Figs have a clear role in the stomach, the larynx can moisten the pleura. Coat in a bowl over heat, may cause laxative and dissipate heat.

                IV : Fungus Chuanbi Stewed Papaya : Pleasant sweet taste and tender papaya, the fungus is also very refreshing, combined with the lungs, run lang sansi fritillaria effect (taking drug 3G), fresh taste it is hard to stop.

            Five : Fresh Milk Stew Papaya Sydney : First put fresh milk and sugar to heat, then peel in seeds and large papaya and Sydney grains and boil for 30 minutes, fresh milk + papaya = double whitening effect, with heart. Sydney is actually from outside to inside.

          Six : almond fresh papaya fungus stew : fresh papaya, almond and fungus stew, papaya can help digestion, antibacterial and antibacterial, almond cough is able to run lungs, yin fungus is able to run lungs, stomach fluid. This syrup is sweet and tastes like cold or hot. 
The amount of apricot north and south should not be very high, take about 10 ~ 15 grams, the ear of ice is thick and thick, full and not broken, the colour is yellow and white, the brighter the better.fructose water
           Seven : Hashima milk dumplings : fill the essence of the kidney, run with the pulp of yin Hashima cream milk boiled sesame dumplings, grains Sydney, fragrant and chewed, after illness, postpartum weakness, or a person who is busy due to busy work The disease leads, he has a miracle. effect.

              Eight : sea floor coconut oil Sydney: seaweed has a larynx effect, with a lovely Sydney to eat, cough and phlegm, of course, needless to say, you drink "smoker", this is the best is!

              Nine : fresh Sydney Nanbi apricot overthrow snowflake : the hero also has a stale snow ear, but the supporting role is changed from Sydney, so that the whole stew is more clean, and the thirst is refreshed, but also summer, When the mood is restless, use it to clean the heart fire. It is quite good.fructose water