8 Most interesting facts about pineapple

most interesting facts about pineapple
most interesting facts about pineapple

Most interesting facts about pineapple

We all know that eating large amounts of fruits is good for your health and overall lifestyle. But today we will focus on pineapple.
You may be surprised to know that there are some surprising facts about this tropical fruit that you have not encountered before. Here are ten of the most interesting and intriguing.

      Ordinary pineapple is quite large when brought from a local store or market. They can be much larger. Guinness's current world record for the heaviest pineapple is 8.06 kg, which is truly amazing. This giant fruit cultivar in the Ice Village of Papua New Guinea. Was grown by Camuc. Nobody knows what the secret of this huge example is, but it just shows that they can grow quite large under the right circumstances.

        Perhaps as a result of their use as a party accessory in ancient England, pineapples have become an international symbol. The presence of a pineapple in the house usually means that you will receive a warm welcome there. Guests will also bring a pineapple with a person whom they visit in some countries as a gift to express gratitude for their hospitality. It seems that pineapple's association with the sun, health and kindness is behind it.

most interesting facts about pineapple
most interesting facts about pineapple
Most Interesting Facts About Pineapple : Although pineapple has long been eaten throughout South America, it did not spread around the world until it was discovered by Christopher Columbus. Columbus first encountered him in 1493. He originally called it "Pina d'inds". Taking him with him to Spain, a new popular fruit was soon caught.

    The plant itself comes from the region around Paraguay in Brazil and South America. It is a localised view of the continent that thrives under warm conditions.

     Although many pineapples grow in places like Brazil or Costa Rica, they are not the number one producer in the modern world. The honor falls on the South-East Asian region of the planet, which is now the number one producer of pineapples. With South America, it seems that hot and moist conditions are ideal for growing fruits. Every year millions of tonnes of fruits are harvested for sale worldwide.

     Officially, pineapple is a vegetarian perennial that can grow up to 1.5 meters or more. A pineapple plant can grow up to 3 years to produce fruit. Once this happens, fruits can be sold or eaten.

    Many people do not know how beautiful pineapple flowers can be. They produce stunning flowers that look good. In addition, each variety has different flowers, so there is a large selection. There are many vibrant colours, from light purple to red.

     Apart from the sweet, savory pulp, pineapples are known for their amazing juices that they offer. Although it can be tasted on its own, many cocktails around the world use it to give it exotic flavors.