Cantonese Style Guangzhou Flavor Cantonese Noodles

Cantonese style : The original Cantonese people also eat noodles? Explore the authentic traditional Guangzhou flavor cantonese noodles.


After a round of food in Guangzhou, there are a variety of pasta dishes, and everyone is paying attention to traditional Cantonese traditional pasta. It is no wonder that the chefs all say that the people of Guangzhou are very greedy in eating, but they are new, but do not get tired of the old ones.

After the seven-day holiday of the Spring Festival was over, the waist had also widened, and I found that the feeling of fullness was not good. After the holiday, revisit traditional noodles for those larger than snacks.

cantonese style

Soup on Noodles


Guangzhou Life Insurance has a custom to eat noodles. Walking down the longevity road, you will definitely see layers of YB in the high glass cabinet at the entrance of the store. This parent is particularly famous.

The inventor of Yemi was the Qing dynasty poet Yi Bingjen who was the predecessor of Huizhou, Guangdong. His family often gathers and sings litterateurs, and the cooks are often busy. Yi Binggen then mixed the flour and eggs with water and let them mix well, made noodles, curled in a group, dried and fry until golden, and store for later use. When guests arrive, simply add the noodles to the noodles and put them in water to entertain the guests. Once, the poet and calligrapher Song Jiang tasted it very tasty, and knew that it still had no name. He said: "So food, there is no name, it is not an injustice. How about the name 'Yifu face'?" The government has spread from the front, called "Yi".

Most Unrestricted : Dry Burning Noodles

Due to its unique method, Yibi is suitable for various cooking methods. It is delicious for dry frying, noodle soup and stew. This dry-cooked noodles offered by Master Wu, however, is very easy to prepare ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms, bean sprouts and carrots. When the ingredients are ready, put them in the pot with noodles. Although the dish is named "dry-burning", you need to add a tablespoon of broth and oyster sauce. If you wish, sprinkle some alcohol and boil the juice until it dries slightly. Need to stir before going to the table, I noticed that the light brown oblate noodles are scattered in the plate, quite unrestrained, the taste is really strong.

cantonese style

Noodle soup

Cantonese people love to drink soup, which is very popular with steaming noodle soup in conjunction with Chilean Spring. When I mentioned noodle soup, I believe that many people have experience absorbing water from noodles: I am very satisfied eating a bite. When I bite the second one, my heart is beautiful, and I look down at it, wow! This noodle soup has become a noodle. Therefore, noodle soup served in bowls, you must understand the ratio of seven soups to three sides.

Most popular : zusheng noodles

The so-called "bamboo noodles" are a type of pasta that uses traditional methods to press the noodles, noodles, noodles, and wonton skins with "zusheng" (da mouzu). It looks simple, but every aspect is very special. The selected "bamboo rose" is very large, and the pressed pasta is soft and medium; Too thin will make the noodles impure. Usually, after hand rubbing, use "bamboo lit" to press for 1.5-2 hours. Whole egg noodles are usually made with duck eggs and noodles, and never add a single drop of water. The noodles are smooth and hard, and the eggs are fragrant. The other half is egg noodles. Duck eggs are mixed with a certain proportion of water. The noodles are smooth and delicious, and the flavor is delicate.

In fact, bamboo noodles are also a type of silver noodles. They are made with flour, eggs and boiled water. They are not boiled or fried, and do not need to be dried. The noodles are moist and can only be stored for one or two days. .

More noodles are used in noodle soup. The most common noodle soup can be wonton noodles. If you make wonton noodles at home, you can use aromatic pork bone soup, add fried shrimp skin, and then add some shrimp from the pot for 15 minutes. This soup is fresh enough. While cooking the noodles, the fire must be fierce, water must be opened, and it should be spread evenly. The water is clean, ready to eat.

cantonese style

The Most indifferent : face

You may be familiar with wonton noodles, but this is rarely heard. Compared to straight noodles, it is a bowl of diamond shaped noodles, but it is not a novelty. In the 1930s, the film was as popular in Guangzhou as it is today as the noodle noodle. It is reported that there was a noodle shop in Lido in Guangzhou which was famous for its shrimp slices. Nowadays, Chef Master Wu of Yohui Restaurant also makes a slice of flour. Use whole egg noodles and black sesame and scallion to make dough. Then cut them into diamonds with a sharp knife and fry them in a pot pot. Cook the crab meat for a while, then add some egg whites to shake it and shake it. I ate this noodle soup, and I saw the film floating in the air, and the fried aroma came out, but the taste was not smooth.

The term "fish noodles" signifies success in the Guangzhou dialect. In a large family of noodles, ginger onion is a common and favorable food.

Most compatible : onion noodles

The noodles should be made of thick noodles, which are as wide as choupsticks. As a supporting role for onion noodles, you only have to prepare ginger and chopped green onions. If it is difficult to chop chopped green onions at home, it is best to use scolion and the ratio of onion to ginger is 2: 5. Next, cook the noodles until they are six cooked, drain them quickly in a large bowl, and cover them with plastic wrap for 10 minutes. This step can be efficient. When cooking the noodles, the water in the pot is up to 6-8 times that of the noodles. For cooking, it can make noodles easier to handle.

Most people who like to eat onion oil and noodles are due to its fragrance, hence how important it is to make onion oil. However, after the oil is heated in the pan, remember to pour the ginger with a large amount of water. If you like the scent, why shouldn't you add a little more onion ginger? What's next, add some soy sauce and mix it!

Fried noodles

When the noodles are kneaded, add salt and water, then steam the noodles, then let them cool. Some manufacturers add eggs to enhance noodles, so fried noodles can be divided into egg fried noodles and simple fried noodles. Because fried noodles are salty and refreshing, it is best for frying or frying.
So why is home-fried noodles not so fragrant in restaurants? Master Wu reveals a little secret. In the face of speculation, you should first use soy sauce, oyster sauce, chicken powder, sesame oil or olive oil to taste the noodles and then stir-fry. Many masters are said to be doing this.

Most Guangzhou :

Do not look at this dark colour, it has a lot of Cantonese characteristics. People in Guangzhou often call on a plate when they go to have morning tea. While cooking, first fry the guava, squid, onion, mung bean sprouts and other ingredients, add and fry in the noodles, add soy sauce and soy sauce to it and then colour it, then let the oyster sauce overflow the noodles sauce.

The soy sauce added to the fried noodles has a ratio of 1: 5 to soy sauce and soy sauce, and a little sugar can be added. Master Wu reminded everyone that if you use chopsticks instead of shovels, you can make the noodles more consistent. Also, after boiling the noodles, they should be kept fried. The noodles are evenly heated and covered with oyster sauce, so that they are clearly defined and bright.