How to store tomatoes long term

How to store tomatoes long term : Interesting life hacks 

Tomato is one of the most in-demand foods in the world. This vegetable is found in almost every kitchen. Mistress makes delicious and healthy salads, winter preparations. Tomatoes contain vitamins A, B2, E, PP and even a rare vitamin K, which normalise the functioning of blood vessels. But to enjoy these juicy vegetables for a while, you need to know how to store shot tomatoes.

how to store tomatoes long term

How to store tomatoes long term : The content of the article step by step

  • Varieties for long storage 
  • How many tomatoes are stored 
  • Proper storage factors
  • How to properly harvest tomatoes for storage
  • How to store a crop 
  • How to store tomatoes in a cellar or basement 
  • Features of storage on the balcony 
  • How to keep fresh tomatoes in jars
  • In drawers 
  • In sawdust 
  • Indoor storage 
  • In paper 
  • Pan storage 
  • In banks with mustard 
  • Cold storage 
  • How to store red, brown and milk tomatoes 
  • Storage of green tomatoes until the New Year 
  • What to do if tomatoes begin to deteriorate 
  • Processed Tomato Storage 
  • How to store homemade tomato harvests 
  • Vialim tomatoes for the winter - a delicacy from the Mediterranean
  • General recommendations
  • Conclusion

Varieties for long storage 

So that the crop is stored for a long time, which is distinguished by the quality of keeping the varieties high, they are selected for planting. Tomatoes do not wash, they are very dirty and are wiped with a soft cloth, which does not spoil the skin. Experienced vegetable growers collect varieties of slightly grown tomatoes: De Baro is a mid-season tomato, the height of the bush reaches 3 meters. The fruits are of different colours - yellow to brown. San Marzano - A variety of plum, berry-shaped with dense, juicy fruits of bright red colour, weighing up to 140 grams. The Rio Grande is a mid-season variety with high productivity. Special varieties and hybrids for long storage are: Giraffe is a variety that reaches a height of 1.2 meters. It is related to late ripening, it is cultivated in open fields and under film shelters. The fruits are stored until the end of spring. The long keeper is a late ripening variety, tomatoes reaching 450 grams. Freshly preserved until spring. Kriti-1 is a late maturing hybrid, its shrub grows up to 65 cm. Red flat fruits weighing about 200 grams are preserved until March.

How many tomatoes are stored

At home, red fruits are stored for 3-4 days, pink - up to 5 days, brown - about a week, milk and green - about 10 days. In the refrigerator, the tomato remains fresh for two weeks. The longest shelf life for tomatoes is given by the freezer. But it is only ripe, well washed, not damaged fruit

how to store tomatoes long term

Proper storage factors 

One of the main factors affecting the shelf life of tomatoes is variety. Choose those that are suitable for long term storage. Tomatoes are stored in a cool cool place - a refrigerator or cellar is suitable for this. Humidity should not exceed 80%. The fruits are kept in wooden crates. To extend shelf life, many summer residents are stocked with crippled fruits that ripen during storage.

How to properly harvest tomatoes for storage 

Harvest before night frosts, as frost-bitten fruits will not be stored for a long time. Basic collection rules : 

  1. Tomatoes are harvested during the day when they have no morning dew
  2. To extend shelf life, the fruits collected are sorted
  3. Only select ripe vegetables and fruits that are ripe for the milk to cook;
  4. all collected tomatoes are wiped with alcohol for disinfection.

How to store a crop 

The worst stored meat, sugar tomatoes, as they begin to ferment quickly and become unsuitable for consumption. A little raw tomato remains fresh for 2-3 days compared to ripe ones, as their flesh is still hard. Overripe fruits are eaten immediately, as they do not lie for long.

To a Notes : Regardless of the variety, tomatoes grown in the open are better preserved than greenhouse ones.

How to store tomatoes in a cellar or basement

An appropriate temperature regime to maintain freshness of tomatoes is + 10–15 ° C, so the best place to store the chosen tomato is a crypt or cellar. In the basement, tomatoes are placed in wooden boxes in layers, separating layers of paper. If possible, each tomato is wrapped in a paper wrapper. Do not stack more than three layers in boxes, otherwise the bottom row will be seriously screwed up.

how to store tomatoes long term

If there is no cellar, the vegetables are stored for storage on the floor - for example, in a pantry. Unripe tomatoes are left at room temperature, where they ripen over time.

Features of storage on the balcony

A suitable place to store ripe tomatoes is a balcony if the air temperature does not exceed + 15 ° C. Tomatoes are stored in the same way as in a cellar or cellar: they are piled in layers, each of them placed with a cloth or paper. The drawers themselves are also covered with cloth to protect them from the sun.

How to keep fresh tomatoes in jars

Canning is a method of long term storage. In jars, tomatoes are usable for 4-6 months. Ripe tomatoes are washed and dried, then placed in a three-litre sterilized jar. Add 3-4 tablespoons. L Alcohol, close the capron lid and shake so that all the tomatoes are well moistened. Then, a thread soaked in alcohol is placed in the middle and a fire is started from outside. When the alcohol begins to burn, the jar is immediately rolled with a metal lid.

On a Note. - For long-term storage, cans are placed in a dark, cool place.

In drawers

Tomatoes are placed in wooden boxes with slots to supply oxygen to them. The boxes are covered with gauze, a cotton cloth, but not a lid. There should be no odor in the container. To protect the tomato from moisture, dry grass is laid on the floor.

In sawdust

To keep the tomatoes in the box longer, they use sawdust. If the crop is still slightly uprooted, it is placed in a box, if possible, above the wood (from where the stalk was at the top). Under each layer, paper is laid and sawdust is added, which will take moisture and protect the fruit from rotting. To make this storage method more efficient, the boxes are kept in a dry and dark place at an air temperature of more than + 10–15 ° C. It is better to store tomatoes in the basement, basement or on the balcony if the side is not sunny. The box is covered with gauze or paper.

Indoor storage 

Ripe tomatoes are poorly stored at temperatures above + 22 ° C. Due to the high sugar and juice content in tomatoes, hot conditions create a favourable environment for fermentation. Fleshy fruits with a thin skin are stored no more than 2-3 days at room temperature. If the tomato has a thick shell and thick pulp, the vegetables will be stored for 6-7 days. Important! Tomatoes do not store more than these periods in room conditions, to not be poisoned by stale products.

In paper

If the fruits are in a newspaper or paper, they will be stored not only in the refrigerator, but also in a box or basket for a long time. The main thing is not to keep a large number of tomatoes on top of each other, 1-2 layers will be sufficient.

Pan storage

For long-term storage, tomatoes are salted in a pan. To do this, half the tomatoes are cut into equal parts. A layer of sliced ​​vegetables is placed in the pan, sprinkled with salt, then a layer of whole. And many times, until the tank is full.

On a Note. - Inspect the stock periodically, regardless of the method chosen. If a tomato starts to deteriorate, remove it immediately so that it does not infect others.

In banks with mustard 

Tomatoes are rinsed thoroughly with hot water and dried. In a sterilized jar, add 2 tablespoons. L mustard powder. Tomatoes are added to it and each layer is sprinkled with mustard. On a three-litre jar no more than 7 tbsp should go. L powder. The jar is kept in a cool place and stored.

Cold storage

     Where is it better to store ripe tomatoes? Tomatoes are stored in the refrigerator for two weeks, using a regular newspaper. Each vegetable is wrapped in a paper roll or folded into three pieces in an envelope. The goal is to keep tomatoes moist. The best place to store tomatoes in the refrigerator is a bottom shelf for vegetables. The newspaper is changed from time to time, and the shelf is wiped dry in the refrigerator.

To a Note. - Do not store tomatoes in a closed plastic bag, as they can quickly deteriorate due to condensation.

But when stored in a refrigerator, tomatoes lose their fresh taste. The volatile contained in them, which give aroma and familiar taste, do not withstand low temperatures and perish.

How to store red, brown and milk tomatoes 

For storing red tomatoes,Vegetables are turned upside down in shallow boxes in 2-3 rows. So that the tomatoes do not touch, they are wrapped in tissue paper or sprinkled with sawdust. The boxes are covered with a thin film, but make sure that the vegetables get oxygen. Red fruits are stored at a temperature of + 1-2 ° C. Shelf life is 1-2 months. Brown tomatoes are kept upside down in clean boxes of 8–12 kg. The fruit is also sprinkled with sawdust or wrapped in tissue paper. Cover and store at + 4-6 ° C. Dairy fruits are best stored for three months. The ripening process continues in such tomatoes. Tomatoes are put into boxes and each layer is poured with chaff or sawdust. If there are no huts or sawdust, they are replaced with onion husk. Vegetables are stored at a temperature of -2 to + 2 ° C until January.

Storage of green tomatoes until the New Year 

If you want to serve fresh tomatoes for the New Year table, then you should keep this in mind beforehand. For this purpose, green fruits of milk prepared in summer in wooden containers and stored in a dark and cool place. If this was not possible, and you only have red fruits, then use protection in the banks. This will help preserve ripe tomato juice for the new year, giving them a delicious taste.

What to do if tomatoes begin to deteriorate

At the first sign that the tomato has started to deteriorate, the crop is sorted into whole and spoiled tomatoes. Overdue fruits will be soft, and their skin will crack. These tomatoes are tossed or tomato sauce is made (for this, the spoiled parts are cut). They make a dressing mixed with any vegetable oil and spice.

Processed Tomato Storage

Tomatoes are not only stored fresh. For food use thermally processed fruits of long storage. In taste they are nothing short of fresh vegetables.
Canned, dried and dried fruits last longer and do not require special storage conditions:

Canned tomatoes are stored for long periods of time even at room temperature. Such spaces cost up to one year.

If vegetables are fermented or salted and are under a nylon cover, they are stored for up to six months.

how to store tomatoes long term

Dried tomatoes are stored in the same way as dried ones. They are placed in bags made of natural fabrics or in paper bags to provide oxygen access to vegetables and to prevent the entry of dust and insects. Dried tomatoes are stored in a dry and dark place.

How to store homemade tomato harvests

The main recommendation for homemade products is storage in a dark and cool place. For these purposes, a cellar, a covered balcony or a refrigerator is suitable.

Vialim tomatoes for the winter - a delicacy from the Mediterranean 

Juicy and fragrant sun-dried tomatoes will be a pleasant addition to the table during the winter cold. First, they are dried in an electric dryer, and then stored in olive oil with spices.
ingredients :

  1.  Tomatoes - 4 kg;
  2.  Sea ​​salt - 1.5 tsp; 
  3. Spices "Italian herbs" - 2 tsp; 
  4. Garlic - 1.5 heads; 
  5. Olive oil - 250 ml.
Cooking : 

  • cut the tomatoes in half, 
  • remove the stem; select the seeds with a knife; 
  • put the tomatoes in a heated electric dryer in rows;
  •  salt and sprinkle with Italian herbs each layer on pallets;
  •  leave to dry at a temperature of + 70 ° C for 10-12 hours; 
  • every 2-3 hours swap pallets for better drying; 
  • when the tomatoes are completely dry, remove them from the electric dryer; 
  • chop the garlic into small slices;
  • put sun-dried tomatoes, chopped garlic in pre-sterilized glass jars and add olive oil.
Close the resulting delicacy with a lid and put it in a dark, cool place. 

Important! For drying it is better to choose dense, not very watery varieties. Preference is given to fruits 4-5 cm long.

General recommendations 

It is not recommended to buy fruits for storage in supermarkets. It is better to take those that are grown in the garden or buy them in the market.
Tips from experienced housewives:

To keep the fruits longer, they are removed along with the stem.

Vegetables damaged by rot or parasites are not stored in the same container as whole. 

Tomatoes are stored in a cool dark place - in the basement, pantry, under a table, sofa or bed. 

Tomatoes are periodically checked for rot. The spoiled ones are thrown away so that the rest do not begin to rot.

Vegetables are stored strictly with the stalk up, as the skin around it is tender, and under the weight of the tomatoes it can crack, then the tomato will begin to deteriorate. 

For long-term storage, each fruit is wrapped in paper and placed in boxes or baskets in no more than 1-2 rows. 

Vegetables are not stored in a plastic bag, since it will not be possible to keep tomatoes fresh for a long time due to increased humidity.


The quality of tomato storage depends on the selected variety. Subject to simple recommendations, tomatoes are stored for a long time and do not lose their appearance and taste. Useful fruits will delight owners for a long time, especially on the table during the New Year holiday.