kharcho soup the best Georgian soups classic recipe

Kharcho soup is the real pride of the rich and fragrant Georgian cuisine. Having properly mastered this cooking method, you can easily arrange a genuine Georgian restaurant for your loved ones and friends.

In the classic version, it is prepared from beef. And even the name is translated as "beef soup"

In addition, such a recipe requires the use of a special dressing - tklapi, in other words, dried plum puree.

Yes, if you suddenly want to cook this dish 100% in Georgian, you cannot, without this kind of dressing. 

But suddenly you cannot get such an additive, then in such a situation you can use tkemali sauce or take pomegranate juice.

And yet, the traditional kharcho soup cooked at home is prepared with rice, garlic, onion, spices and of course, sunlight. Many hostesses often use tomatoes during the preparation of this dish, although each person has their own taste preferences. 

When finished, this soup is sprinkled with fresh cilantro on plates and served.

How to cook kharcho soup (classic recipe)

 kharcho soup
If you still don't know how to make Kharcho soup, all you need is a classic recipe. Nutritious, mouth watering, pungent and aromatic… all about this amazing dish. 

Preparation Details: When preparing kharcho soup at home, you can complement the dish using tomato paste or sauce. 

It is a very spicy dish that all lovers will also like for chilli and garlic. Try this charm of Georgian cuisine at least once.

Prep Time: 15 Minutes
Cook Time: 2 hrs 45 minutes
Skill LevelEasy
Yield: 4 Servings


Beef - 500 Gram
Tomatoes - 3 Pieces (large - about 900 grams) 
Onion - 2 Pieces 
Walnuts - 100 Grams 
Suneli hops - 2 Tbsp. 
Spoons Rice - 70 Gram 
Tomato Paste - 2 Teaspoons 
Hot peppers - 0.5 pieces (half the pod) 
Garlic - 5 Cloves
Bay leaf - To taste
Parsley - 1 Bunch 
Celery Root - 50 Grams
Ground black pepper - To taste 
Salt - To taste

Method of cooking a famous Georgian dish Kharcho Soup


Cut the meat into slices and dip in a saucepan with three liters of water. Turn on the maximum heat and cover the pan with a lid. While boiling the broth, we must remove the resulting foam. Add salt (I have about 3/4 tablespoon without a slide). 

celery roots

Add peeled and chopped celery root, as well as parsley stems. We make fire minimal, cook for 1 hour under the lid. 

clean rice

We wash the rice with cold water. Pour clean rice with water and leave it to stand like that. After 15 minutes of cooking the broth, remove the lid from the pan and remove the stems of parsley. Cook for another 45 minutes. 

slice tomato

Grind walnuts and onions with a blender (separately from each other). Scald tomatoes with boiling water, leave to stand like that for 3 minutes, and then peel them. Cut into small pieces. 

hot pepper

We clean seeds from a half of hot pepper. Grind the pepper into thin strips. 

frying butter pan

In a frying pan with butter, fry the onions until golden. Add tomatoes to it. Keep it under the lid for 5 minutes. After that we add hot pepper, tomato paste, salt, black ground pepper and simmer for 5 minutes (also under the lid). 

boil meat

After an hour of cooking the broth, we remove the meat from the pan. Add the pieces of beef to the pan to the vegetables. Mix and hold under the lid for another 5 minutes. 

lid meat

Add dressing to the broth. Bring to a boil under the lid. Then add the rice and simmer for 15 minutes.

mix ingredients

Grind parsley leaves and transfer to a small container. Squeeze the garlic to it and knead everything with a spoon. 

15 minutes of cooking have passed. Add the hops-suneli, bay leaf, chopped walnuts and greens with garlic to the pan. Turn off the gas and let the finished soup stand under the lid for 15 minutes. 

kharcho soup