Easy Sauerkraut Without Free Salt Vegetarian Cook Recipe

How to cook sauerkraut without salt : Unsweetened soup is a delicious snack. Even in ancient times, it was decorated everyday and with festive tables. This dish strengthens the immune system and allows you to stay in shape when the weather is raging outside the window. Compared to fresh cabbage, sauerkraut has more vitamin C. 

     It also contains many minerals and trace elements It is a good probiotic. It contains bacteria that improve bowel function. The dish is popular in the kitchen and among raw foods. We will find out how to make it without salt and how this method differs from classical.

The content of the article 

  •  Sauerkraut without salt 
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the method 
  • Benefit and harm 
  • Selection and preparation of vegetables  
  • The classic way without salt  
  • Recipe Options Without salt and water 
  • In brine 
  • With spices 
  • With lemon 
  • With vinegar 
  • With apple 
  • Terms, conditions and features of storage 
  • Conclusion 

sauerkraut salt

Sauerkraut Without Salt 

This snack contains the least harmful ingredients. Salt-free sauerkraut is great for those who monitor the salt content of foods, and for those who are accustomed to eating right 

Advantages and Disadvantages of The Method 

Sour cabbage is an old method of processing. Sour milk bacteria, which are beneficial for the body, affect vegetables. 

When salting, the tissue of the product is saturated with salt, resulting in a distinctive taste and structure of the vegetable Fermentation is a less effective option for cabbage processing.

The yeast gradually leads to the destruction of the product tissue, and becomes unusable. But if fermented without salt, it will be most beneficial for the body.

Benefit and Harm 

 If you eat improperly, the balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria is disturbed. As a result, the latter destroy a person's micro flora, weakening the immune system. A sauerkraut without salt is a source of lactobacilli, which supports the health of the whole organism. 

If they are not enough, the intestines work, vessels, skin, organs and even the psyche suffer. It is the slugging of the body that causes not only a common cold, but also mental illness. Therefore, it is important to maintain the intestinal micro flora continuously. After cleaning processes and dry fasting, sauerkraut will restore it. 

Important! If you ferment cabbage without salt, it will replace yogurt with beneficial bacteria. 

This dish can be consumed safely for high blood pressure patients. Cabbage juice without salt contains vitamins P, A, E, K, B, H and U. It protects the gastric mucosa, and prevents gastritis from regular use, helps to relieve heartburn, lower cholesterol. 

Brine discolours age spots . To do this, take gauze soaked in juice and apply to the problem area for about 15 minutes. After applying cream to the skin. To achieve greater effect, such a procedure is performed for at least three weeks.

But sauerkraut is not only beneficial. The dish is not recommended for those with kidney problems or gallstones . Also, the oils that are contained in the product cause bloating.  

Such a dish will have to be abandoned for those who have problems with the thyroid gland .  

Selection and preparation of vegetables 

Late cabbage varieties are chosen, as they have more sugar , and this stimulates the fermentation and production of lactic acid. If you squeeze white cabbage, a crunch should appear, like a ripe watermelon. A solid head of cabbage, where the leaves fit snugly together, suggests that you have made the right choice. 

      The surface of the head should be clean, without spots . It is advisable to use cabbage as quickly as possible - with long storage, it will become less juicy.

    When homemade sauerkraut ferments, salt is almost always Used. But not everyone can be savoury for health reasons Vegetables. In this case, there is one way: to cook salt-free sauerkraut. 

This will require : Step by step recipe :
  • 0.5   -  of water; 
  • 1.5  kg of cabbage; 
  • 300 g  of carrots. 

Step by step recipe : 

  1. Grind the cabbage on a medium grater and cut into thin strips.
  2. Grate carrots and combine with cabbage. 
  3. Next, mix the contents with your hands, but do not squeeze, otherwise the cabbage will become soft and mild. 
  4. We transfer the mixture to the container and completely fill it with cool water
  5. We take a wooden stick and pierce the contents to release gases. 
  6. Cover with a towel and put the lid on top.
  7. The dish should stand for 3 days at room temperature. We stick with a stick every day. 

Three days later, close the jar with a lid and place in the refrigerator. 

Chef -  “I have been using this recipe for a very long time. Bribes when salt is not required for cooking. It happened that it is contraindicated for me. But I want to note that the quality and taste of the dish is not lost. And my relatives really like it, they both clap their cheeks. ” 

Recipe Options 

Salt retains fluid in the body, increasing the load on the kidneys. Previously, a lot of salt was used for preservation, but it is no longer necessary. Even the sauerkraut can be cooked without adding salt. There are many dishes, and each of them is good in its own way. 

 Without salt and water 

  For cooking you will need : How to ferment vegetables : 

  •   carrots - 2 kg; 
  •   cabbage - 3 pcs.; 
  •   dill seeds - 1 tbsp. l .; 
  •   a few bay leaves. 

How to ferment vegetables :

Rinse the cabbage well and cut into strips. 

Rinse and grate the carrots.

Stir the contents and add dill. 

Put the vegetables in a container and put heavy oppression on top - 15 kg. The heavier it is, the sooner the juice will go. After a day, you can put oppression weighing 2 kg. 

After 3 days, the dish is ready to eat. 

  Chef : “What can be simpler than this recipe, I do not know. Fast, easy and tasty! When I did it for the first time, I didn’t think what would happen. Since I did not imagine how you can ferment without water. But my fears were not confirmed. Everything is fine, I recommend it

In brine :

As you know, salt is usually used in the process of pickling. But you can easily do without this ingredient by preparing cabbage fermented brine. This will require :  

  • garlic - 3-5 cloves;  
  • head of cabbage - 1 pc.; 
  • caraway; 
  • ground red pepper - on the tip of a teaspoon. 

For cooking you will need :

  • cabbage pickle; 
  • White cabbage; 
  • carrots - 10% of the total mass of cabbage. 

Preparation of brine : 

Chop cabbage, add caraway seeds, chopped garlic and pepper. 

Mix well, but do not wrinkle. You can just put the contents into the dishes and press down a little. 
Pour the cabbage with boiled water, but not hot, but at room temperature. 

Put oppression. Cabbage should be completely in the water.

Keep the dishes in a warm, dark place and marinate for 4 days. It is desirable that the temperature does not exceed + 25 ° C. It is better not to use metal dishes. 

When the cabbage is infused, strain the brine. 

Next, proceed to the preparation of sauerkraut :  

Cut the heads of cabbage, chop the carrots on a coarse grater. 

Mix the contents in a large bowl. Preliminary lay out the whole top sheets to the bottom.  

Pour vegetables with brine and put on top a saucer, crushed by a load - a jar filled with water is suitable. 

Leave the container at room temperature for 2 days. After the term ends, we remove the cargo and pierce the material with a wooden stick so that the gases come out. 

 Again we put on weight and stopped. We keep it in a cool place, for example, in a refrigerator or cellar, we insist for a few days, and then serve it on the table.